Sunday, February 13, 2011

Monthly Inome of a Rickshawala is higher then a Marketing Officer.

In Dhaka, currently income of a Rickshawala is BDT 300/- per day. So his monthly income is BDT 9000/-. On the other hand, some companies of Bangladesh are paying starting from BDT 4000/- per month to their marketing officers who completed their 4 years graduation from different universities of Bangladesh. It's shocking. But this is truth and current scenario of Bangladesh.

Rickshawala's are earning more they deserve. They are charging more then the actual rent. I know cost of our daily foods is increasing day by day. But they are increasing rent of Ricksha more compare to the price of food which is unexpected. They increase rent in every 2 month. Government has no monitoring system for this section.So middle class people are facing lots of problem for this increased price.

On the other hand those companies are paying very low salary to their officers. Because they are the company owners, so they can pay anything whatever they like.

We have no control over government. So we have to solve our problem our self. And the solutions is -
  • Disagree and stop to pay more then actual rent to Rickshawala.
  • Don't join with those who are not paying minimum standard salary consciously.
If we all follow this technique, then problem will be solved. Because when rickshawala will see that no one accepting their increased price, then they will not get chance to increase price. On the hand, when company will see that they are getting anyone by offering low salary, then they will change also.