Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lecturer Vs. Software Engineer

I have experience as a Lecturer and Software Engineer. So I will be able to describe their differences properly.

Lecturer is a respectable and noble profession where we get chance to create new generation according our point of view. On the other hand, we get lots of respect from students. To them we are everything and has played very important role of their life.

Software Engineer is a profession where we build system for organization. We are the people who direct them in a digital world. We show them way to do impossible task in a single click.

The differences are -
  • In our society, lecturer has more respected then Software Engineer.
  • Lecturer can manage people properly compare to a Software Engineer. Because as a lecturer, we manage lots of students together. But a software engineer doesn’t manage people such a way.
  • The income of Software Engineer is more then Lecturer in most the cases.
  • You will not able to go to top-level position without Masters and PHD degree where as degree does not matter to go up in software companies. You just have to show your skill in software companies.
  • As software engineer you are continuously learning new technologies or doing new projects which is making you mature day by day. On the other hand, we teach student depend on what we have learnt in our educational life. 
  • Task of a Software Engineer is very much challenging then a lecturer. 
  • A fresh graduate can be a lecturer, but a fresh graduate can’t be a Software Engineer.
  • Many women are working as a lecturer, but very limited (1%) women are working as a Software Engineer. Because software engineer is complex profession.

I do respect both professions. In summary, I can say - Lecturer is a noble profession where people respect lecturer’s lots which are incomparable. On the other hand Software Engineer is a challenging profession.