Friday, February 11, 2011

Bangladeshi street children eat once a day

Yesterday I was watching news of a TV channel. Then I have seen a report where they were showing about daily life style of street children. I was surprised to see that they ate only one time in a day with rice and dal only. And their parent hardly manages their daily food. The price of rice is 48 Taka now a day and price of other items are comparatively high. It is impossible for their parents to provide them food more than one time in a day because of their low-income and high price of foods. How can someone live by eating only one time in a day? But unfortunately this is the scenario of the street children of Bangladesh in 2011.

Previously I never thought about those people who eat one time only. Actually it was beyond my imagination. Today during coming to office, I was thinking - How lucky we are that we were born in a family where we can eat properly. So we should always thank Allah (or God) for provide us good environment.

I was always interested to do something for poor people. But unfortunately I don’t have enough money so that I can do something for them. But there are many people in Bangladesh who has enough money, but they don't come forward to help them. My question to them is - what will you do with your additional money? Use your additional money for poor people. Let them eat just 2 times in a day. Do something for them. Work together, come up with new plan/project and improve their life style.