Friday, October 7, 2011

Confusion regarding Engineering Degree of Private University

In Bangladesh, many people has confusion regarding following question.
  • Can a engineering student of CSE/CE/EEE/ETE/TE of private universities write 'Engineer' in front of their name after completion their graduation? 
  • Are they Engineer?
  • Can they call them-self Engineer?
    Answer is - Yes, they can write "Engineer" in front of their name if they have IEB (Institute of Engineers Bangladesh) accreditation. IEB is the the association of profession engineers in Bangladesh.

    IEB has a list of requirements when a university applies for accreditation. IEB team comes and sees course outlines, books, talks to faculty members, then decides to give accreditation. For example, Computer Science & Engineering(CSE) department of BRAC University has got IEB accreditation in 2007. So CSE student of BRAC University can introduce themselves as Engineer. But to write "Engineer" in front of their name, they have to join IEB as a member after getting IEB accreditation by his/her department of the university.

    Conclusion is –
    • If the engineering degree of a university has IEB accreditation, then the students of that degree can call themselves as Engineer. And they are Engineer.
    • But if you want to write Engineer in front of your name, then first you have to check whatever your engineering degree has IEB accreditation or not? If yes, then in second step you personally have to join IEB as a member. After that you can write engineer with your name.