Sunday, February 13, 2011

Become rich by grabbing lots of knowledge from my class

I hope most of you have seen the Indian movie named "3 Idiots". This movie was an example of receiving real knowledge from environment. I also believe in almost in same concept.

Whenever you come to my class, try to learn something from my class. Don't just focus on getting marks. Receive knowledge from my class as much as you can. A real education is making your self rich by gathering lots of knowledge. There are some students who focus on their area related courses only. For example - IT people focus on IT related courses and Business students focus on business related courses only. But to run business successfully, you need knowledge of both IT and business. So you should take knowledge from others area also. Lets take my case - I am completed my graduation on Computer Science and Engineering. So I am expert in the area of computer, IT, software and web development. Beside I have interest in HRM, Marketing, Physics, Mathematics, Astrology, Egyptology, Traveling, Photography etc.

So concentrate in the class properly, ask question if you are not clear and learn something from me. By sitting in the corner without understanding anything of my class will be the wasting of your and my time. I always try my best to provide you as much knowledge as I can. Thus I always provide you real life example. Sometimes I share my experience from my real life so that you can understand it in a better way.

One day, you will your educational institute after completed your degree. After that none will ask you about your marks and people will rarely check your certificate. You can express yourself by your knowledge only. During conversation people will understand how knowledgeable you are? So learn as much as you can and implement it in your real life. Remember one thing "Your body and knowledge is such a wealth which none can steal from you"