Monday, February 21, 2011

40-20-40 rule is best for software/website development

During developing a software/website, most of the software/website developers/engineers use 60-80% of total time for coding and they use rest of his time for project analysis, database design and testing where as the traditional software development life cycle follows 40-20-40 rule during development of software or website which mean developer should spend 40% of total time for project analysis and design, 20% for programming and rest of 40% for testing.

During doing my software engineering course I learnt about 40-20-40 rule. But I have not seen this practice in most of software companies. Most of the developers don't know about the real benefit of using this rule as well as companies management don't understand it also. Most of the new developers also have doubt about this 40-20-40 rule. Because according to them programming takes most of the time because of developing many features. But this is not the truth. This is a misunderstanding.
A real Project Manager, System Analyst or Senior Software developer or engineer will understand about its benefit deeply. Because you will not able to design database properly without having proper knowledge of the project. Developers will face many difficulties and programming will time consuming without a good database design. So project analysis and design is more important part at the beginning of development. If your project analysis and database design is good, then your programming time will be reduced. And after programming, most of the companies deliver software without proper testing. Thus client become angry because of lots of errors. Developers provide lots of time for programming, but they don't provide 20% of programming time for testing. So result is - client find lots of error after software delivery.

You will able to develop error-free software only if you do proper analysis and design at the beginning and do a proper testing at the end. So best time distribution is 40-20-40 ratios. This ratio can vary little bit. But bigger changes will be harmful for you.