Thursday, July 28, 2011

One of my colleague's point of view about me

Here are some quote's about me from one of my colleague.
  • You are smarter than the people who hired you at least I know that. I am a true witness of that.
  • Whatever it is - You are the best in the organization.
  • You are best. Because you have this attitude to be the perfectionist.
  • You are very choosy in terms of people you hang around with.
  • You always like unusual things.
  • You like the word 'typical'.
According to my colleague, here is my 10 characteristics, 
  1. Active - You are very active in office, but I bet you are damn lazy at home. (Which is right)
  2. Mystery - You like mysterious type of thing.You like to uncover the mystery. (Which is right)
  3. Winter - You like winter season and love to sleep in the winter morning. (Which is wrong. Because I have not special affection for it)
  4. Intelligence - You like intelligent people rather than beautiful people. (Which is right)
  5. Traveling -You love traveling lot. (Which is right)
  6. [Skipped this point by mistake]
  7. Sunlight & Sky - You like strong sunlight and clear blue sky. (Which is wrong. I like blue sky. But not too much.)
  8. White - You like white color. (Which is wrong)
  9. [Skipped this point by mistake]
  10. Girls - You like smart, outspoken and intelligent girls. (Which is wrong. I like good human being who has innocent heart)