Sunday, July 31, 2011

About me - Observation of a person who has 30 years of experience

I have worked 2 years at United Group International (UGI Ltd.) as a Project Manager and Manager-In-Charge later. There I have got chance to work with a man who has more then 30 years of experience.He was General Manager at Bangladesh Oil Gas & Mineral Corporation(Petrobangla). And he has extra ordinary managing skill. I was lucky that I have learned management from such a person.

I have received following email on Mar 18,2010 after 9 months of leaving UGI in return of one of my email. I was very happy to receive such a comment from the people like him.
"Dear Asfak,
I am really glad to read this news of your good placement. I always adore you for your good heart. Also I am sure you will be more controlled now than before with your earned experiences.

I really love you as you are a good man which is more precious than a good engineer and indeed a rare quality in our society. 

With best wishes,

Syed Shamsul Alam
Consultant, Arneeb Enterprise
Executive Director, United Group International
Ex. General Manager, Bangladesh Oil Gas & Mineral Corporation(Petrobangla)"