Monday, June 6, 2011

Liger and Tigon - An exceptional case of wildlife

The liger is a cat born from the breeding of a male lion and female tiger.The tigon is a hybrid cross a male tiger and a female lion.
Figure -1: Real Picture of a Liger
Figure -2: Real Picture of a Liger
These two are the real picture of a Liger who is the accidental result of a male lion and a female tiger (tigress) who was living close together at the Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species, Florida. Interesting things are,
  • The size and weight of this liger is double compare to his parents as you can see in the picture that it's a big cat then all other cats.
  • Naturally tiger love to swim and lion like to live in a social network (Don't thing about Facebooking. :-). But liger has both characteristics.
  • This liger has not gone for hunt yet. Because he has born in a research institute. So we don't know whatever this liger will hunt in a group like Lion or will hunt alone like tiger.
Figure -3: Understanding of Liger & Tigon
Liger has born naturally. I don't know about any Tigon which has born naturally. But this is not impossible as you have understood already.