Saturday, June 4, 2011

BAC Automated Routine and Course Scheduling Software

Recently I have developed a Automated Routine and Course Scheduling Software for BAC (A concern of British-American Education Group).

Previously BAC management was used to generate routine manually and Microsoft Excel was the tool for data storage.Management has faced following problem during making routine manually,
  1. Generating routine was time consuming.
  2. It was hard to avoid batch, faculty and room wise clashes.
  3. Finding faculty engagement details was too hard.
  4. Finding information of free class slots and rooms were not so easy.
  5. Generated routine was day wise which was easy for faculties and administration peoples. But student need batch and course wise routine.
  6. Generated routine has one type of view only. It was day wise. But management needs different views of routine different time.   
  7. Overall it was painful for coordinator to generate routine considering all the points noted above. It is hard for human to track and consider all the issues together.
  8. Updating routine was hard because of chances of batch, faculty and room wise clashes.  
  9. Two coordinators was responsible for generating the routine of law and business school.So it was costly.
Recently I have developed the software. The main features of the software are,
  1. Software need 10-20 minutes to generate the routine. (Time required only for entering relevant data.)
  2. Depend of necessary input, software automatically allocates day, time and room such a way so that batch, faculty and room will never clash together.
  3. You can add your plan in the software also.
  4. Software can generate day, time, batch, course and faculty wise routine. 
  5. Besides this software has solutions of all the problems which BAC management has faced during making manual routine.    
Finally I appreciate BAC management that they have understood the importance of a software like this. But there are some people who don't even understand - how a software can solve their problem? 

Thesis of my bachelor degree was "Test driven software engineering for automated course scheduler". My analysis of that time has helped me lot during developing this software.But the structure of BRAC University and BAC is different.So database design, algorithm and programming is new, organized and more professional this time.

Screen shot from software:
Screen shot from software: Routine for students
Screen shot from software: Day Vs. Time View for Management