Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pakistan and Argentina will not win world cup before 2050

I support Pakistan Cricket Team and Argentine Football Team. In ICC world cup 2011, yesterday Pakistan has lost the game against India again. I have never seen Pakistan winning against India in any world cup. Yesterday I was so sad and hopeless because of this continuous failure of Pakistan. On the other hand, I have never seen Argentina as a winner of football world cup.

Unfortunately I support this 2 idiot teams of the world who has won the world cup when I was a kid and probably who will win the world cup when I will be too old. Probably I will not see their winning before 2050. Probably Bangladesh will win the ICC world cup within 2040. But this 2 idiot will not.

Argentina always believes in one man show and they always look for second Maradona. But football is a game where team work required which Argentina can’t do. So probably they will not win the world cup within year 2050.

On the other hand, Pakistan team is not good planner at all and not serious in every moment of the game. Let’s take an example - Opposite team need 220 runs to win against Pakistan. Then Pakistani team will be very serious from beginning. Suppose, they have taken first 5 wickets in 70 runs within 17 over’s. Then they will think that they have won the game already and will remove all the tension and will start dropping many catches and will do many more mistakes before 40 over’s. After 40 over’s, when they will see total run is 165, then again they will awoke from sleeping and will start struggle again. This is nature of Pakistani Cricket Team in most of the matches which I am watching from 1992. In this way, one world cup can be win unconsciously as they did in 1992. But it's not possible to win the world cup again and again in this way.

Although I know that probably this 2 idiot team will never win world cup, but I like their way of playing and they both are unpredictable. So Unfortunately I will support them always after supporting my own country, Bangladesh.