Thursday, March 31, 2011

"I am the BEST" - History of my most frequently used quote

"I am the BEST"- This was the most frequently used quote of mine during studying BRAC University. Even, my first email address was My first chat user name was 'BEST' in Bangla2000 chat. I was loved to call myself as BEST.

The goal of using this quote was - I wanted to BEST than everyone and wanted to be unique. I am lazy boy. Thus this quote also helped me to increase my confidence. One of my very good friend names is Anto. He loved to say - "You are the BEST. But I am better. Actually you are not BEST. You should say - I am trying to be BEST."

After few times, I have realized - Everyone is unique and everyone want to be BEST and everyone think himself BEST. So after that I have stopped thinking myself BEST. Because everyone think himself or herself as BEST. So let's live simple and normal life. Now I like to say - "You all are the BEST. But I am simple and happy".