Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How to plan a foreign trip?

Here is quick way to plan a foreign trip. 

  1. Find out top destinations of the country using Google search.
  2. Select your favorite cities from top destinations.
  3. Find out tourist and transportation map for each of your selected city.
  4. Tourist map will indicate place of interest. So mark the places where you want to go. (Googling can help you to find out top place of interest of the city. Then you can mark also.)
  5. Transportation map will help to plan daily travel.
  1. Make a day-wise plan. (Print and take plan with you)
  2. Make a budget plan for each city and take double money from budget. (Print and take plan with you)
  3. Make a list of hotel's for each city depend on your budget. Select your hotel where most of the place of interest is nearer or transportation is better. (Print and take plan with you)
  4. Print out all tourist and transportation map.Make sure tourist map has important places marked. (Print and take plan with you)
  5. Make a checklist for the things which you need to take with you. Otherwise you may forget something during going to Airport.