Thursday, August 16, 2012

US IT investor's comment regarding Bangladeshi IT market

Few days ago, I was talking with a IT investor who live in Taxus, United States. He is our discussion below.

"In Bangladeshi companies, nature of most of company owner are almost same. It's vary little."

"Yes, the worst is the one from DG (Sample Name). They are not paying properly.

My lab was one of the first in Dhaka, it was a British investment called IPN (Sample Name). We had our office in Kemal Ataturk Avenue. We used to do a lot of projects for Bangladeshi garments, textiles, etc. But half of them wouldn't pay. Big big companies,1000 Core Taka textile company, but they wont pay 3 Lac's Taka. They don't fulfill their commitment.

Most Bangladeshi companies don't know quality assurance (QA), delivery and customer service.This is the main problem.They don't think about employee's satisfaction. Till today, all IPN employees still emails me that they would want me to come back to Bangladesh and open the lab again. Some of them sends me emotional emails saying they did not find any other lab like ours. We had a cook in our lab who used to cook 4-5 items in everyday lunch. We had dinners every 1-2 months outside. We had picnic.It was fun and work. But unfortunately I had to close the lab because US business was hurting in 2007.

My goal is to reach out to as much as people in Bangladesh to make a positive change in the country and it's IT field. BASIS or any association or government, they are not doing right job. They don't understand the macro level of IT. We could be earning billions now.

The problems is poor infrastructure and inadequate training. Big talk and no work. Companies need to market themselves well, but no marketing whatsoever. I have spoken to some leading Bangladeshi IT business people.They don't know how to market IT. They make money from Gov deals, Awami and BNP deals"

"We had a big hope in 2003 that IT field will rise in Bangladesh.But failed. I have directly worked with CEO and MD's.They don't have deepth knowledge in many area"

This is what people think about Bangladeshi IT market. We have to change our-self. Otherwise we will lose many IT investor like this. Please think carefully.