Sunday, November 6, 2011

I am Md.Asfak-Ur-Rahman (Reza). Why did I choose Islam as my religion?

"There are many religions in the world.I born in Muslim family, thus I follow Islam.Those people follow Hinduism who born in Hindu family, those people follow Christianity who born in Christian family and so on. Everyone believes that their religion is true religion.But all religions cant be true religion. Because they are very different from each other.So which one is the true religion?" - This was my thinking and query when I was student of class 6 or 7.

After completing my graduation, I have found answer of my question. Now I am 100% sure that Islam is the true religion. Previously I was Muslim, because my father was Muslim.But today I am Muslim because of my own choice. I have chosen Islam because of following reason,
  1. I have found Al-Quran as an error free religious book- I have fundamental knowledge of Hinduism, Christianity and Judaism.I have gathered my knowledge from many different source like Television, Movie, Internet, Religious books and from discussion also.I found many mistakes in their religious books. But Al-Quran is error-free.Many people says about finding lots of error in Quran.But those were their misunderstanding or misconception. Thus I believe in Quran which is from God.
  2. I am surprise to see Scientific Facts mentioned in Al-Quran - Quran has given many scientific facts and explanation before 1400 years which are discovered by Scientist recently. According to Scientists, it is impossible to have such knowledge on that time. The religious book of Christianity and Judaism also contain some scientific facts also.But those books provide many wrong information also.Quran has clearly mentioned that those were words of God also. But people has changed those words over the span of time.So it is clear to me that scientific facts mentioned in the Quran, are from God and Quran is error-free. So I believe in it.
  3. How can Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) write such a book? - I am educated person. I know, it's impossible for Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) to write such a book like Quran. Because he couldn't read and write.So it is clear that this book was from God. So how can I ignore this truth.
  4. Quran has explanation of Christianity and Judaism - I have seen that Quran has explanation of first days and last day. Quran has mentioned about the creation of others religions. All the messengers (Adam, Nuh, Ibrahim, Ismail, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad) of God were Muslim and spread the message of only ONE God. But people has changed the meaning because of span of time and other religion has created. 
  5. I will not worship any human - Previously I noticed that God has sent his messengers and people started worshiping those messengers after the span of time. Whatever they are, I will not worship any human. Because they were human and I am human too. So why do I worship them. This is my simple common sense. In Islam, Christianity and Judaism, It is clearly mentioned that those were only the messengers of God. So there is no question of worshiping any human.
  6. I will not worship any Idol - In Hinduism and Buddhism, they worship their own hand made idols.They says, they worship God through Idols. So why don't you worship God directly without Idols. How can I worship my hand made things. 
  7. I have found logic in the speeches of Muslim Scholars - I have seen many speeches of the top scholars of Islam, Hinduism and Christianity. There I have found Islam more logical.They have all the proofs and logical explanation compare to others.
  8. I have found Muslim more Religious - Islam is now second religion of the world. But Islam is the number one religion by practicing. In India, young generation are not believing on their Scriptures because of various reason. Christianity has same problem too. Thus the following of those religion are not following their religion deeply.
These were the main reason behind selecting Islam as my Religion.