Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why all the people of the world are not accepting Islam?

During conversation with one of my non-Muslim friend, I told him - "As of October 2009, there are about 1.57 billion Muslims out of 6.8 billion peoples in the world which indicates that Islam has a very strong base.So please know Islam closely before teasing.". Then he was asking "But what about the rest of 5.23 billion?". Here is the answer below.

Rest of the people of the world are not accepting Islam because of following reason,
  • They have not got the message of Islam yet.Thus according to Al-Quran, it is the duty of all Muslim to spread the true message of Islam to others. All the prophet of Allah(God) has done the same job earlier. But people misunderstood their messages and went to wrong path.
  • Some of them has got the message, but they don't believe Islam because of not having clear understanding about Islam.
  • Some of them don't WANT to believe Islam.These kind of people will never accept Islam although if you present thousands of evidence of Islam. Because they don't want to believe in it.
  • Some of them believe in Islam. But they are afraid to accept Islam because of his surrounding environment, family and culture.
  • Some people don't try know about the truth and false.  

Different people from different nations follow different religions and have different beliefs.Christianity is the most popular religion as it has the most number of followers. But if you study all the religions in the world in advanced level, the true Religion is actually ISLAM.

Quran saying that Torah and the bible been the true books is there but if you think about it how many different copies of the bible are there? It's changed partially every year to suit the needs of modern times. So we are sure that it's definitely not the bibles of God.

Allah(God) has sent many prophets as well as messengers to this planet in all nations. According to Al-Quran - The total number of prophets is more then 124000. It all started of with Adam (PBUH) and ended with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), because he is the last messenger of Allah, we should follow him.

After Prophet Mohammad(PBUH), we have passed only 1400 years. Within 1400 year, Islam has become second largest religion of the world. Today Islam is the fast growing religion of the world. So give some to the rest of the world to accept islam.