Thursday, October 20, 2011

What should we do if we are not able to take fast/roza in ramazan?

Allah says in Quran in Surah Baqara Ch: 2 V: 183-184, “Oh who you believe fasting is and obligation/farz for you as it was obligatory on the previous nation”.

This month contain few days (29 or 30) so it’s obligation for each muslim that he/she complete these days (take fast 29/30 days). If anyone not able to take fast i.e. because of illness or something so Quran tells that there’re two conditions for that person,

1. He/She complete these days after the month of ramazan, means if any person leave 2 fast roza due to illness then after the month of ramazan he take 2 fasts/roza in next month then the counting will be completed as Allah says that you’ve to complete these 29/30 days OR

2. He/She feed one poor for leaving 1 fast/roza, for example if a person leaving 2 fasts/roza then if he/she is able then feed 2 poors then you’re counting will be completed.So these are two condition which a person avail if he/she is not able to take fast.

And there’s common misconception among the most of people and most of muslims that if a person become old then he/she can leave ramazan but Allah says you’ve to complete these days even you’re old but if a person is not able for fast so for this category(old people) they must adopt 2nd condition means they feed 29/30 poors for for leaving the month of ramazan. But If a person don’t have money to do this then he/she can leave fasting without feeding poors bcoz Allah says in Quran in Surah baqara Ch:2 V: 185 that “Allah want to be easy on you”. Ramzan is an important obligation and we can’t leave it even we’re old but if we’re not able then we should adopt atleast 1 condition mentioned above.. hope you understand :)