Thursday, October 20, 2011

What is Halal(Lawful) and Haram(Unlawful) in Islam?

In Quran when we talk about the human that what is halaal n haram for human? so Allah mention all haram things in Quran for human remaining things are halaal. About it Allah says in Quran in Surah Baqarah CH: 2 V: 173

"Allah has forbidden you only the Maitah (Dead animals), Blood, Swine flesh (Pig meat) and the things which are slaughter or sacrifice by than the name of Allah."

But these are not only things which are forbidden, Allah mention only 4 here just bcoz of some non muslim who call some things haram even these are not haram/forbidden by Allah, So Allah mention 4 things which are haram for us. but for more detail we've to study hadith then we'll come to know proper knowledge about Halaal n haram. so i'll mention these 4 things with hadith reference.

1. Dead animals are forbidden for us, so some people thing that all dead animals are forbidden but by hadith we come to know that 2 dead animals are halal which are 1. Fish 2. Locust(Tiddi). and about it second misconception create here that all alive animals are halaal. but by hadith we've come to know that Those animals who prey with their teath and the birds who prey with their paws are haram/forbidden for us. and those animals which are mentioned in hadith for theire prohibition like Donkey, dog, horse, elephant etc are also haram. so by both Quran and hadith we have come to know properly that which dead or alive animals are haram or halaal. and the animal which is wrongly slaughter are also haram for us for example the animals which are killed by stick or stone or which are slaughter by machines which are common in westerns so these are also haram for us.

2. Blood is forbidden. The blood which is mentioned in this ayat is the blood which is flow during the slaughter of animal. but by hadith we come to know that the blood which is in the flesh and two types of blood are halaal. 1 blood of heart and 2. blood of Tilli.

3. swine flesh (pig meat) are forbidden. it's sufficient for any muslim that swine flesh is forbidden by Allah therefore we muslim don't eat it. but non muslim demand some logical reasons that why swine flesh is forbidden by Allah. so for this you can read my notes here. Why pork is forbidden in Islam?

4. All animals which are slaughter other than the name of Allah are also haram: this point is so much important. here Allah mentioned that all things which are slaughter or sacrifice other than the name of Allah are also haram for us. The non muslim who kill animals with the name of their lords etc are forbidden and most of the muslim go to mazar and slaughter by the name other than Allah are also forbidden they make their animals haram for all. some people says that we're slaughter by the name of Allah but we're slaughter for the purpose of the mazar or etc so such all things which are given or slaughter other than the name and purpose of Allah are become haram for us. bcoz your purpose is not to pleased Allah even your purpose is the please the creature. so be careful while slaughter or charity bcoz which thing is given for other than Allah become haram for us. and it's mentioned in Quran.