Saturday, October 22, 2011

Holy Quran and Biology

Quran has revealed absolute facts about Biology in its true perspective some 1400 years ago. This can be a fruit of thought for us

Surrah At-Taghâbun - MUTUAL DISILLUSION -No.64 -Verse:1
Everything in the heavens and on earth is actively fulfilling the designated programme of Allah Almighty the Almighty . He is the source of all power and Hamd; and accordingly He has devised measures (Laws) for everything over which He exercises full control (7:31-36; 14:1-2; 16:5-6; 18:7; 67:1-5). verse 1

Surrah An-Nahl - THE BEE - No.16 - Verse:68-70
And just look at the bee which instinctively makes its dwelling in the mountains and in the trees and in what human beings build. Then it collects pollen from various fruits and flowers and pursues assiduously the ways prescribed for it by Allah. From its belly comes a fluid of diverse hues (i.e. honey) which has health-giving properties. In this system followed by the bee their is message for those who think.
verse 68-69

Allah Almighty has created you and takes you to mature age where human faculties are fully developed. Thereafter some of you reach old age which is a feeble age when memory of things once known does not help you to recollect them. Allah Almighty has knowingly devised measures for all things (22/5). verse 70

Surrah Al-Qiyâmah - RESURRECTION - No.75 - Verse:37-39
He should bear in mind that he has passed through various stages of evolution to attain the human form. In the beginning he was a drop of semen which was dropped in the womb; verse 37

Then in the mother's womb He formed it into an embryo that was suspended and by various combinations, and fashioned it into an excellently proportioned shape; (and) verse 38

Due to its distinction into sexes, male and female were paired. verse 39

Surrah As­Sajdah - THE PROSTRATION - No.32 - Verse:7 - 8
For this purpose He has maintained an excellent balance in the creation of everything; and one of His schemes is the creation of man. (After the scheme was established in His Aalm-e-Amr) man’s creation was initiated from inorganic matter which before you, was lying lifeless in the form of clay. verse 7

(Then this inorganic matter became mixed with water ~ 37:11 ~ and the first life cell appeared. As this process continued through various stages of evolution and reached a point where, from the cohabitation of a male and a female, man's progeny started through procreation.)
verse 8

Surrah Yâ­Sîn - YA-SEEN - No.36 - Verse:78 - 79
He starts talking questioningly about Us and becomes oblivious to how he himself was created. He even denies Almighty ’s statement that you would be brought to life once again. He also questions who could give life to bones that have crumbled to dust. (37:16; 73:3)
verse 78

Tell them that the Almighty Who created them for the first time will bring them back to life. He is fully aware and has full knowledge regarding all His creations (as regards the manner and stages through which His creations have to pass).....verse 79