Monday, July 25, 2011

Tour in Keo-Kra-Dong,Bandarban. Highest hill in Bangladesh

In 2005 some of my friends decided to visit Keo-Kra-Dong. They told me to join with them. I was very interested to visit Keo-Kra-Dong. I like this kind of adventure tour lot. I love to visit new places. So I agreed to visit Keo-Kra-Dong.
Picture: Going to Ruma Bazar, Bandarban, Bangladesh.
We decided to go  Keo-Kra-Dong on December 2005. Because all of my friends were busy with their study or jobs. So it was not possible to go their in the middle of the year. Thus we waited 6 months. Actually I was not so involve in all necessary planning and arrangement because of my busy time. My friends Jasim Bhai, Nipu and Rajib was closely involve in all kind of arrangement. We were 5 friends all together - Rajib, Topu, Emon, Jashim Vai, Nipu and me.

Picture: Going to Boga Lake, Bandarban,Bangladesh.
Keo-Kra-Dong is the most beautiful place that I had ever seen up to that time. I can’t explain how beautiful the place is. It is very beautiful place. The tour was full of adventure. It was too hard to walk in a hilly way. Actually none will understand it without walking in hilly path.

Picture: This is Boga Lake,Bandarban,Bangladesh.
At the first day of tracking, we started walking at 8am from Ruma Bazar and finished walking at 5pm.All day we walked on the hilly path and walking in hilly way is 20 times harder compare walking in a normal road.There were life risks also. One of my friend was Emon. He shocked see the hilly way and became very nervous and wanted to come back to Dhaka. But we overcome the critical situation.After 5pm we reach a village near to Boga Lake. And we surprised to see the beauty of Boga Lake. The lake was very beautiful. Next day we visited Keo-Kra-Dong after half day tracking in hilly way. We was so excited that we felt like we have won the world cup. That was a wonderful experience for all of us. It’s true that I will never forget this journey in my life.

Picture: Going to Keo-Kara-Dong,Bandarban,Bangladesh.
  • Waking in hilly way was very hard and painful. But i have enjoyed at the end.
  • We have seen some villages during going to Boga Lake and Keo-Kra-Dong.
  • We drank water from road side places when we finished our water.
  • It was a great advantage during arriving to the top of Keo-Kra-Dong.
Picture: Reached to Keo-Kra-Dong,Bandarban,Bangladesh.
 Memorable Moments:
  • Emon was very nervous to see the hilly way. So he wanted to come back to Dhaka. Night before the first day of tracking, he was very nervous.
  • We thought that we will walk in the hilly way with our bags which was full of many shirt and pants. But later we have realized that we have to take only urgent items. Otherwise it will be very hard to walk in the hilly way.
  • Jasim’s bhai thread us by saying - “You all don’t know how to walk in Hilly path”.
  • Nipu wore bad shoes. Thus he has faced lots of problem during walking in hilly way.
  • Nipu and Rajib’s has taken drugs for first time in Boga lake.
  • Rajibs has become ill.
  • Jasim bhai and Rajib ate meat of pig which is not allow for Muslim and Hinduism .
  • I had very bad health condition during returning back from Keo-Kra-Dong.
  • Emon’s used too much bad word to our guide because of unending path at time of returning to Ruma Bazar.
Picture: Keo-Kra-Dong,Bandarban, Bangladesh