Thursday, June 30, 2011

Quote's of Engr. Md.Asfak-Ur-Rahman

"Now-a-days all the people of the world has their own story, understanding, logic and facts .One can say 2+2=4 and other can say 2+2=5. Now it's up to you, which one will you believe or not? It's totally up to you. If you have education, then you will believe in 2+2=4. If you have no education, then you will beleive in what other says or what you want to believe in." ~ Engr. Md.Asfak-Ur-Rahman [Nov 05,2011 2:30pm]

"You are the best judge to judge yourself" ~ Engr. Md.Asfak-Ur-Rahman [Oct 06,2011 12:25am]

"Your life will be very beautiful and peaceful if your offer SALAH regularly" ~ Engr. Md.Asfak-Ur-Rahman [Oct 01,2011 05:03pm]

"This life has made my life so mysterious that now I love make my life more mysterious than it can be..." ~ Engr. Md.Asfak-Ur-Rahman [June 30,2011 09:41pm]

"My mask has become my face now that I wore it for you once." ~ Engr. Md.Asfak-Ur-Rahman [June 30,2011 09:35pm]

"Sleeping is important to make yourself ready for next working day as well as losing sometimes important to become winner next time. What you need to learn from past, go for your goal, try your best and rest Allah knows." ~ Engr. Md.Asfak-Ur-Rahman [June 27,2011 09:58pm]

"Love has many similar definition. Feeling to your mom, dad and husband is called love. But love differ depend on the relation with the person.Both Love and hate is necessary for our life. Because human use to be loved and human cant live without hating someone also.We, human are use to get love from after first day of life. So love is as important for us as we need breath to live" ~ Engr. Md.Asfak-Ur-Rahman [June 19,2011 11:53pm]

"Losing myself is important for discover myself in a new way....This is my point of view. You may differ.But I like to take everything positively" ~ Engr. Md.Asfak-Ur-Rahman [June 17,2011 09:57pm]

"Situation makes human brave and afraid. So don't focus on it always. But learn and analyze for next time.." ~ Engr. Md.Asfak-Ur-Rahman [June 11 10:42pm]