Friday, June 17, 2011

Conversation Decorum and Mechanism

We, human being are use to live by following the rules of Allah(God) or Natures. Rules are everywhere. To live, we follow the rules of Allah. We follow many rules in our educational and professional life as well as every family has their own set of rules.

There are some rules during conversation also. I have seen my few students who don't know the conversation decorum correctly.They are students, so this is acceptable. But how can I ignore those professional people who has more than 5 years of experience, but they don't know about conversation decorum.  

Conversation decorum or mechanism are,
  • When you talk to someone, let other to talk also. (There are some people who like to talk much rather then listening to others which is very bad practice)
  • Don't stop or interrupt when someone is talking to you. Give opposite speaker equal chance to explain his/her point of view.
  • Maintain eye-contact when someone is talking to you so that he/she feels that you are giving importance to him/her. 
  • Try to understand others point of view. If you have separate point of view, then explain it properly to others during your time slot.
  • Don't follow same conversation mechanism for all type of people. (Obviously conversion mechanism with my employees will be different from the conversation mechanism with my students. If I maintain same conversation mechanism for my employees and Students, then it will not work properly. Because my employees has crossed their student life before and they have professional experience also. So conversation decorum or mechanism will be different)
  • Show proper respect to your senior and junior colleague during conversation so that you can receive same respect in return.