Friday, February 11, 2011

Most companies of Bangladesh don't have weekly 2 off days

In Bangladesh, most of the company don’t understand the importance of weekly 2 days off. Some of them understand it, but they will not apply it because of their various reasons. But they don't consider the view of their employees. One thing they always forget - A company can not go far if the majority employees are unhappy.I am not saying that company have to provide everything what their employee wants. But they have to satisfy majority of the employees.
Company fears to provide weekly two days off in place of one day off. Because they will lose labor a day. According to government law, employees are working 6 days in place of 5 days. On the other hand, they failed to realize that one day off is not enough after working 6 days in a week. Off day passes by sleeping half day and rest of day passes very quickly. Their body and brain fail to get refresh time. For this reason, the chance of becoming ill is higher and employees are losing their creativity and becoming dissatisfied day by day. So actually companies are losing in long run.

Yes, I know there are some companies where providing weekly two off days is not possible. In that case, company should explain the scenario to their employee. Then they will understand it and will not be dissatisfy also. Because they knows about their company well. But employees become dissatisfy when company tries to convince their employees with unrealistic explanation.

It's not possible for any company to satisfy 100% to their employee. So I request company owners to take decision carefully and try to satisfy majority of employees. Otherwise company will never go ahead and continuous changing of employees will make life hell.