Sunday, February 27, 2011

Drawback of Shahrukh Khan and Tri-Nation Live Concert in Bangladesh

I saw both Shahrukh Khan live concert on Dec 10, 2010 and Tri-Nation concert on Feb 24, 2011 in television. Here is my realization and analysis below.

In the concert of Shahrukh Khan, their presentation was good according to their culture and environment, but it was not fit for our culture. Their dress-up style was improper according to our culture. Moreover the way they have presented the dance was not good also.

Same thing happened in case of Tri-Nation concert also. Their presentation was not good according to our culture.
As a responsible person of Bangladesh, I can’t appreciate this type of concert. Because
  • Presently we are saying about stopping eve teasing. On the other hand we are allowing presenting such a show where they are dancing using the song named 'Shila ki jawani' in the stage in front of thousand of Bangladeshi.
  • Besides Shahrukh Khan live concert has been presented in the month of victory of Bangladesh. And Tri-Nation Live Concert has presented in the month of international mother language day. February, March and December are most important month for every Bangladeshi. So how can we arrange such a program which is based on other language within these months? 
Some people will ask - what is the problem if we listen song of other language in these months? My answer is - Will you watch TV or Movie on the day of mother's death? I know - none can watch this kind of entertaining program on the day of death of his/her mother. Same as it's not right to entertain using other language in these special months. We should show proper respect to our language in these months. Those who don't know the history of Bangladesh deeply, they will not able to understand me. Obviously a language soldier will understand me and my point of view.And this point of view is required as a true Bangladeshi.

I am not saying that we should stop such a concert. But lot of improvement required in this kind of show. Just compare the opening ceremony of ICC cricket world cup 2011 with these two live concerts. I did not see any lacking in the opening ceremony. That was well presented and very nice program. I think none will complain about this program.

In case of these the concerts, the management of ANTAR SHOWBIZ and DESTINY GROUP could select other month. Obviously performer of other country will not know much about our country. So they could inform about the cultural decorum so that those performer could update required issues as per our cultural decorum. But the management of Antar Showbiz and Destiny Group had more tension regarding their profit. So they surely did not care about our culture. Their focus was to earn money only. Thus all these happened. I am not against business. I am a business man also. But we can’t do such irresponsible work at the name of business.

I will also say – How Shahrukh Khan and his team can do such a show without knowing about our environment? Whenever he and his team will go out outside India to perform, then they should think - where he going and what the environment are there? He knows he is a legend of Indian Cinema. People follows him. So he should have to be more responsible than other. During watching Shahrukh Khan, I was discussing with my sister about this. Then she was saying that expecting from Shahrukh all these is foolishness. Because Shahrukh Khan is professional. So he will not think about all these. Probably my sister was correct. But still I will say – The person like him should have to be more responsible.

I have a favorite dialog in Spider-Man film which is - "With great power comes great responsibility” So I hope - Shahrukh Khan, ANTAR SHOWBIZ and DESTINY GROUP will remember it always.