Friday, October 28, 2011

What is Islam?

Islam is a modern day way of life and one of the fastest growing faiths on Earth. With over 1.6 billion muslims and a growing community of reverts, Islam is prophesied by the Holy Quran (sacred scripture of Islam) to become the most popular faith of choice of mankind.

The meaning of Islam is to surrender one’s self to God Almighty, submit to His absolute Will, obey His Commandments, demonstrate sincerity of the heart and be in peace with God’s provisions and tests.

As a verb Islam requires mankind to become Islamers or the followers of Islam who abide by the code of life that God has revealed. As a noun, Islam is the name of the way of life that one must adopt to attain success in this world and salvation in the hereafter, thereby becoming a comprehensive ‘way of living’ that gives answers to all problems that mankind faces.

The foundation of Islam is based upon:
  1. God Almighty in his absolute, pure and only ‘one’ form. Him alone, no partners, no family and not part of His creation.
  2. The concept of Angels and Demons; Angels being God’s special creation that execute His command and are bound by it, with no choice above His command nor the aspect of disobedience. Demons, another form of creation that much like humankind freely break God’s commandments and ignores His supremacy. Known to have good and bad both, Demons are known as the Jinn in Islam.
  3. The concept of Prophets and books that God Almighty revealed to reform human civilization. With their actual number in hundreds of thousands, prophets are men of God who were handpicked to carry out God’s work on Earth and to warn mankind of its eminent end. To establish God’s Will on Earth, prophet’s were entrusted with Books that were guidance and the Word of God, a warning to mankind in black and white.
  4. The concept of the final messenger of God, Muhammad (ص) who was chosen as a seal to the chain of prophets and an end to prophethood. Accepting Muhammad (ص) is preceded by the acceptance of all prophet’s of God as true messengers.
  5. With a final message entrusted to him in the form of the Holy Quran, a magnificently well preserved book in it’s true form, the acceptance of the Holy Quran as the final message is foremost in Islam. One of the most astounding recitals and an error free book, revealed in Arabic, the Holy Quran is considered to be the only error free recital on the face of the Earth.
  6. The concept of the final culmination of time and the end of this universe as we know it, the day of Judgement features as a stark warning to mankind, a time when time ends and brings forth God’s anger towards human injustice and misdeeds. The resurrection of the entire human race in body and original form and terrible chaos ensuing due to the realization of the finality of resurrection; the end of death.
  7. The concept of Heaven and Hell as being mankind’s final destiny, an outcome of deeds good or bad, judged by God Almighty in a one-on-one, face-to-face review; man/woman and their Lord.
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