Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A software which will control the weight of your body

I have lost 3kg weight which I have noticed today. I have posted a comment on Facebook about losing my weight. Then one of my student has come up with a idea of interesting software which will be able to increase or decrease body weight.

My answer was - "I don't think it will be possible to make such a software within 100 years. But not impossible - we have to use Medical Science and IT together. Recently I have heard that Scientists has created human kidneys from stem cells. So we may develop such software near future."

I know, my student was not saying it seriously. Though I am a software developer, so I was thinking about steps of creating such a software. To make such a software, Physiologist or scientist has to find something by whom body weight can be increased or decreased and a small software required to control limit of the weight. So scientist has to give 80-90% effort and software developing porting will be only 10-20%. So this is more scientist related work rather that software developing. So maximum credit will go to the scientist section. Because their task is more complex then the software developer or engineer.

Now scientist are creating kidneys. So according to my rough calculation we will get such a software after year 2083.