Thursday, April 14, 2011

Still we have to learn lot to become human

The name of these two girls is Shumi and Piya. Public has beaten them because of stealing food. Is this acceptable to beat someone for food? It is clearly seen that they street children. We could ignore it for such a silly mistake or we could make them understand about their mistake and can provide then some food. I know none start stealing at the beginning. Probably they have requested for food from many people before stealing. But people refuse to give some money and food. Thus they have stolen the food after lots of refusing.

Still general public don't enough common sense or knowledge to handle such a situation proper way. I was wondering that there were not one people who can stand and speak on behalf of them. It is totally unacceptable.

It is the duty of our government to take care of providing food to them on time. But we know the limitation of our government. So rich people should take initiative to help them. But they are busy for incoming more and don't have to time for all these. They are behaving like selfish. Moreover every Muslim should give Jakat. But true Muslims are not available enough and those who are true Muslim, they has not money enough. Whatever the problem is - This children needs food to live. So you don't give them food, then what will they do rather then stealing?