Saturday, April 9, 2011

IT people are those who has IT knowledge

There are some people who think that IT people are those who have IT degree. But this is a wrong conception. IT people are those who have knowledge of IT (Information Technology). Anyone can be IT people if they have sufficient IT knowledge.

I have completed my CSE (Computer Science & Engineering), but I have no business or marketing relevant degree. But I have learned business and marketing from real life during working in my previous companies. I have real life experiences in business and marketing. I know accounting also. Because I have developed accounting software. So it's important to continue learn from different area depend on our need. So non-IT degree holder can call himself or herself as IT person also if he/she has sufficient knowledge.But make sure that you have enough knowledge to express yourself. I have also seen some people who think themselves as Web Developer by knowing basic HTML only. But to develop a professional website, you have to know HTML, database, JavaScript, PHP/ASP.NET and many relevant tools. So check yourself properly before telling yourself as IT person.

Please see the following person. He is an IT person. I am joking. Don't take this line seriously.