Friday, February 25, 2011

Bad behaving managers

In Bangladesh, I have seen and heard about some managers who behave very roughly with employees. Some managers think that employee will not work properly without behaving badly. Let’s share my experience and analysis with you regarding this issue.....

Every manager has to understand that everything is changing now a day. Now old formulas will not work properly in many cases. Previously the education rate of Bangladesh was low. So previously majority employee was not higher educated. But now most of us have at least graduation. So if manager behave badly with this educated employee, then they will take it very negatively. I know - it's important to pressurize employee to complete task on time. But you can’t pressurize your employee by behaving badly. Behaving badly is not the solutions. I can be strong and create pressure by behaving politely also. Rude behave is not important to complete tasks via employees.

I have already played managerial role in different companies as well as I have seen the managerial strategy of different bosses. The best managerial strategy I have seen at United Group International (UGI Ltd). The CEO of UGI Ltd. is Mr.Zakir Khan. I have never seen him rude to his employees. His company is running properly and progressing day by day. So I have worked with him 2 years. During this time I have seen that a company can run successfully without rude behave also.

I have also seen some manager who don’t even know that they behaving badly with employees. Sometimes employees informs manager about his bad behave. But manger does not understand his fault. On the other hand, manager interprets employee in a wrong way. It’s hard to realize and accept your own fault. But try to find out what majority says.  
 Managing people is very hard job. Everyone is unique. So it’s very important to handle people carefully. It’s hard to satisfy all as a manager. But you have to manage such a way so that majority (70~90%) support you. As a manager, don't just talk much. Try to listen what your employee want to say. Sometimes manager don't listen to his employee which is very bad practice. Behaving politely doesn’t cost much. But bad behavior of manager is insulting for employees and they will be dissatisfied for this. You have to understand that we are human, we all have personality and we all want respect. So try to find out other way rather then behaving badly with your employee.