Saturday, February 12, 2011

100 years is equal to 20 years

Imagine, you have passed 100 years and I am saying you that I have passed only 20 years within your 100 years. Will you believe it? I know, your answer will be 'NO'. But this is possible also. Let's explain...
Let's make a super fast train which will be able to travel whole world 7 times per second in a straight line. Now I am taking my seat inside the train and you are standing in station for my return. Then let’s start the train with the speed I mention. Train has left the station and you are waiting and waiting and 100 years has passed before my return. Do you know - I have passed only 20 years inside the train where you passed 100 years.

Do you know why? Because science tell us - If we can design such a transport so that it can travel with that speed, then passenger of that transport will pass less time then our time. What happen there is - time speed decreases inside the transport because of the speed of the transport.

In the universe, the speed of time is different in different places of the universe compare to our time speed. It's hard to imagine. But this is the truth.